Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Day

Yo,Yo,Yo buddies~!! :D Guess what? All of my friends are happy this holiday!! Me? Huhuhu. I'm staying at home. What can I do? Okay,here's a list of what I gotta do these days. Check it out.

Waking up at 6 or 7 : Sweep the floor!!! D:
After that : Tidy things up
Then : Laundries
Later: Dry the clothes
And : Cook some rice
After lunch : Wash the dishes. OH NO!!!!!!!
Then : Fold the clothes
HERE'S MY FREE TIME.........oNLinE !!!!! :DDD And watch TV!!
After that : Cook for dinner
After dinner : Dishes again. OH P-LEASE! [just kidding] Not the dishes!
And.... Finally go to bed...

I hate this routine. Hate it,hate it,hate it!!! I always say that when I hate something,huh? Hehehe.
Well,that's me. So,the time of my life is not really "The time of my life" . Someday,I'll be happy when I'm getting older and older,have my own place,for me to relax. I wish I could be like my friends. Yeah,they've got chores to do too,but.. Maybe,not as bad as I am. Maybe you'll see like what I stated here is just simple,but maybe you can't feel what I feel. But someday,I knew the day would come. For sure. When I'm outta this world,leaving everything behind. That time,I can rest for the rest of my life.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

!! Crazy !!

Trapped inside my own head
With nothing but my own fevered dreams to comfort me.
I know the pain of the madman;
He lives inside of me.
I've felt the strength of demons
And the weakness of self- preservation.
And hope. Hope.
Hey, parents, do you know where your kids are tonight?
Are they locked away inside of themselves?
Are their minds slipping away?
Mama hen, mama hen . . .
The fox has taken your baby again.
Precious minds are a shame to waste
Memories are forgotten in haste.
I am losing all that is me . . .
Yet gaining something entirely different.
Something that acts like an animal
And speaks like God.
Comforts me like a best friend
And loves me like its child.
I am its child.
An innocent brat, ready for its teachings.
Ready to do what is told to me.
Believing all that is said to me.
Taking in all.
And living off of my fevered dreams. :D

Silence, Emptiness and Confusion

Silence builds an awful wreckage of a girl
It feeds on loneliness and creates a void
Gray shadows haunt and torment and torture
A teenager is stricken and destroyed

There is no sound of laughter or happiness here
The little one has thrown in the towel today
Somber, melancholy moods decay the soul
It is futile to hope and dream and pray

Emptiness builds a home in this woman
In this girl, this child where hollows have bred
A deepening sea of nowhereness consumes
And eats away at every connecting thread

Confusion feeds like a savage inside her,
Leaving nothing considered worthy remains
Destined to walk through life less ordinary
Alone, exiled, different and disdained ...

I'm sick of it !!! ~X(

That's it ! I've had enough! I'm sick of the chores! I'm tired doing all those laundries ! I'm bored of the dishes !!! And mostly,I hate being the slave of my brother !!! See,mom asked him to wash his dirty,smelly,stupid lousy shoes. But it turned out to be ME cleaning that stupid stuff ! That bastard ! Always getting into my way !! Just as I thought that he was starting to be nice,he returned to his sickin' behaviour! Oh,great. Now it's raining. And I'm all alone in the house!! But that's better than have to see my brother's face. He sucks! Just wait,I'll tell mom that your shoes were cleaned by me! Hate you,hate you,hate you !!!!! My siblings never understand what I felt. They always ignore me. Same with my parents! They used to ignore me and they didn't care 'bout me. All they look for just my little sis and my brother. Me? No,they only want me to stay alive so that I will be their slave forever!!! Arghh !! I wish I could get out of this place! I want my world! MY freedom ! My only rules! My destiny ! My time !!!! But that doesn't mean I'm turning to be a big fat villain,though. I just want freedom and I'm sick of all the works! I don't want to be ignored all the time! God,just hear me. Please understand me.. :(

Just let me do whatever I want,whenever I want,okay? :)
♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, November 26, 2010


Greetings! I succeeded applying a new template for my beloved blog! We've been awake all night long searching for the best template..Until we found this one,which is "in our taste"..got it? So,as days passes by,we're trying to put some music to this blog and we decided to put the song White Horse.. :) It gives the feeling of sadness to readers..(Well,maybe,not everybody)..Well,I don't have anything to say now..Just Goodbye!

Monday, November 15, 2010

So,can you see it?

Thank goodness..The rain had gone away !! I'm surrounded by invisible figures with a boring expression now..It's entering my mind..It's making me feel bored with all things around me..Hurh...I'm watching a movie called "Resident Evil : Afterlife" now..It's interesting!! Killing people with all the blood around...Ohhh..I love it but I hate it..Can you see it?? Get it?? I love to see it in the movies but I hate seeing it in my real world..Because. . . . . . . . . .Seeing blood for a few secs can make me faint of frights!! Hehehe.. I'm an average girl with kinda weird path of life and feelings..I'm me..You're you..But why can't I be like you?!!! Or anybody else??!!! Why?? Am I the only one in the world with an "alien-liked" type?? I wanna go out of this body n mind..I wanna know what are the other people are thinking..So,can you see what I mean?? I bet you don't,cause nobody can understand my feelings [more like my piece of mind]..Guess I'll just have to move on with this alien brain and feelings..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Y'all ! What's cracking? Yeahhh !!! It's OvEr !!!!!! This is what I'm looking forward to... :DDD I love the holidays !! (It's not actually a holiday but it's 2 days before holiday..Anybody would be excited,right ?! Hmmm..But my happiness will not last forever..I'm moving to a new school next year..And I'm very,very,truly sad..I can't leave my friends.. D'= Maybe I'll move to SMK Convent or Maktab Sabah..I don't know where..Oh no !!! :O sorry but I gotta go ! My mum wants to online !! Farewell,guys !!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

haTe Friend liKe ManDAU.. :-)

1 million memories...1 hundred thousand inside jokes...10 thousand great times...1 hundred secrets...1 reason...Best Friends.

"For so long my heart ached for friends...true friends...who I could laugh with and cry with, and who, through thick & thin, would always stick by me. And I have learned through experiences that these types of friends are hard to come by. And when you find them you have to hold on and never let go because you will never again find friends as true as them."

Fuhhh.. hye there.. see the word up there? Did you ever think like that?Did you find the best friend?Hohohoho..

"Dengarlah hai umat sekalian,aku berfirman kepada kamu.Carilah kawan yang berhati mulia dan baik.Bukannya baik di luar sahaja tapi di dalam juga.Pastikan hatinya mulia dan bukannya BUSUK seperti BANGKAi!!!"hahaha..

huhhu,Bangkatan if we meet friend like that and i really2 hate if i find friend like that especially friend that eat friend[not cannibal la,i also afraid if i have friend like that one. YUCKKS.Hehehe].. something like that one la.. Okey .. Papaii.. XOXO.. JUst Kiding.

¸,¤°´'`°•.¸¸.•°´'`°¤,¸ Go ! ¸,¤°´'`°•.¸¸.•°´'`°¤,¸

Yeahhhhhhh !!!!!! It's a couple of weeks before my school holidays !!!!! Can't wait to get away from that sick school..I really hate that school with a jerk friend there.. [not all of them,just one girl :( keep your mouths shut,alright ? ] She's acting like she's the leader of us..And she's a boy mania !!!! Most of us hate her so much..I'm looking forward to getting rid of her..It's a miracle if she leaves us and transfer to a new school..I hate seeing her face,I hate hearing her voice and commands,I hate having her beside me and most of all,I hate her being my best friend !!! But sometimes,I feel pity of her when she's good to us..She's getting weird sometimes..Maybe she has DWI-personality..First one is a devil and another is an angel..But the more I hate her,the more I love her as a friend..When I'm stressed out about her,I prayed for her death but when she cared bout me,I prayed that this attitude of her will last forever^^..But never mind..I can stand for it..But holidays are still ringing in my head..I want to sleep all day during the holidays..No more waking up at 4:00 am..

♥♥♥ Oh no !!! xO I have to continue the geo business!! Bye !!! ♥♥♥