Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life :/

Hi peeps ! I feel grateful because i got chance to update this blog again . Thanks to my other twins who sometime updates this blog , :D . Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, So, Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it.You know i have a new interest, i love Superman . I don't know why i like the logo, It look awesome and pretty ! :D very attractive ! I hope that somebody will give me a birthday cake which has a superman logo on top of it. That will be a memorable birthday . :D . I don't have any idea already , I just have picture that i want to post . Hope all of you enjoy it . :p
I don't know why i post this picture but,i think it's true because usually girl is so sensitive. If they fall in love with someone,even the boy already had girlfriend,they rather not to tell but keep it by itself and telling herself
"that only a crush,not need to tell him,as long that he happy,its okay". But inside her,nobody knows.

I agree with this quotes! 

This is SUPERMAN logo .
 Okay, that all for tonight . :D