Sunday, June 27, 2010

The 3 weeks holidays

I spent my holidays at home with my family and cousins...Yeah,I've got to admit that my entire day was boring before my cousins arrive..All I can do was just watching a boring cartoon...My little sister watched the childish cartoon [Doraemon] so I got to watch it,too..If I change the channels,my little sister would go mad at me like an angry ape..A few days after that,I heard the news of my grandma going to my cousin's place..My cousin's name is Christine..We were so close to each other ever since we were kids even though we're far away now..We always messaging each other and she forced me to follow grandma to her place..Well,I'm not forced to go there but it's my own desire..So,we went to her house by an express bus..When we arrived there,I can see the look of happiness in her eyes...She had changed now..She wore a pair of spectacles!!!!That made her look like a nerd but she's not a nerd,actually..We laughed together most of the time in her house..I miss that moment very much..When I'm alone,there's no chance for me to laugh out loud..After one week,we went back to my house with Christine and her family..At my house,we watch the Twilight movie with another cousin named Divyana Grace..She was 16..Christine didn't know the Twilight movie at first but when she watched it,she became crazier than me!!!She collected all the picture of Twilight..[Have a heart,Christine..Give half of it to me]..Christine and I have the same interests..Nobody can deny it..Finally,Christine,Grace and their family went home leaving me here alone...I miss them very,very much..Now who am I going to talk with?With whom am I going to share my feelings?But all of a sudden,I realize something..God is always there to accompany me..I prayed to Him so that He can give me faith and strength to face all the challenges in my life..I deposit all my worries and sorrows to Him..Well,that's all..I guess I'm done..Thanks for reading.! =]

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