Sunday, May 22, 2011

Homecoming :D !

The webmistress has returned! So sorry my blog, for abandoning for a very long time. Busyness is surrounding me D: My mom went noisy again. My dad is getting fierce. My teachers are going to explode ! My brain was almost popped out of my head ! What is happening ! We're facing our exam tomorrow. the exam started on 20th May. It's the mid-year examination :) which drives us nuts ! >:(
Hey, i wanna tell you something. A secret that I want everybody to know. I H A T E H O U S E H O L D C H O R E S ! Really , really hate it ! Well, i do it 'cause my mom ask me to do so . And even if I don't want to, I'll be deaf by her opera voice echoing in my head . Yeah, that's why . If you ever find me laughing non-stop in the middle of the road , that means 'goodbye' . :DD . I can't take it anymore .
Even my friendster account wasn't checked yet . :(( I miss my otaku friends there. 

Hmm .. That's all that I can write today. Got no idea now . Maybe i'll write whenever i have inspiration . hehhee~ toodles !