Thursday, October 25, 2012

This will never end

Hello there! My PMR examination is over. Finally! Freedom at last! First of all, I would like to give special thanks to my cousin, Nateli, for updating this blog while I was struggling for my exams and for staying by my side when I freaked out. She did a great job :) But I'm getting bored day by day because I don't have anything else to do at home. Plus, that silly programme we have at school is really annoying and... Infuriating! We were separated to 15 groups! So whenever we need to do discussions, I just kept quiet and didn't contribute anything. Haha :D I guess my 2012 goal isn't fulfilled yet. Remember when I said that I want to be more comfortable with people around me? Well, you can say that I failed to do so :( Apart from all of that, I suddenly become a great fan of BigBang! I love all of their songs and I will never get bored even if listen to them for a hundred years. Most of all, I really admire their leader, G-Dragon! I have thousands of his pictures. I don't think you would really care about this but I just felt that I really need to write this out. And I feel better now :D They're coming to Malaysia on 27th October, this Saturday! Unfortunately, they're going to Kuala Lumpur, which is very far away from my state. Oh well, it's not like my parents would allow me to go there, anyway. I guess I just have to watch their concert in the Internet. However, I still can't wait for them to come to Malaysia :D I guess that's all for today. I feel lightheaded after writing all of this although it might be a nonsense. Adieu! XOXO

Wait! Here are some of my favorite photos of BigBang. Enjoy! (Well, I hope you will :])