Saturday, December 11, 2010

New hope,new day,new life

Hi ya guys! :) I've confessed my sins last night and now I'm totally relieved. Not 'too' relieved,though~ Hahaa XD I'm just happy that my sins are now gone! After all those days of causing terrible sins,now I'm free from all of that. Yays!!~But we humans,we can never avoid ourselves from commiting sins. So,I try to be a good Christian and always worship God. I will always pray to Him and talk to Him by praying. :) I hate all of my before sins. I don't want any of them appear in my life again! I've humiliated myself! I feel shame of myself! And those horrible sins were caused by myself,too! Oh God,I shed tears last night and I made a new promise,that I will try my best to not let those sins entering my gate. I want God to give me punishment each time I commit sins. XD ~Eventhough I am weak,at least I can get up and I really regretted of all the things I've done. I never want them to come back. Stay out of my life! Now I just want to live a new and happy life in God's kingdom. *smiles* But I'm still lazy,though~no matter how hard I try (I guessed,not so hard :P) I can't overcome this problem. But I hope God can help me. Toodles! I didn't even bathe yet,gross huh? That's what I said, ~~~LaZY~~~ Hahaa XDD

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya!

This is my new favorite anime!! Ok,I know you'll call me 'a so-last year'. Who cares? Hehehe.. Just joking. Well,though I didn't know a single thing bout this anime,I still love it and I'm gonna figure it out..But first,check this out.

Haruhi Suzumiya is the girl in the middle :)

Look!! :O She came out when I'm looking at her in YouTube!! Hahaha XD

Wow !!! And this is a cosplay of her!! Cute,right?!! A real anime girl! Hahaha XD
Okay,if I found out a bit bout this anime,I'll post and share it to you right away!! As for now,I gotta sleep!
Sleepy already lorh.. Hahaha XDD Good night!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi there, so bored today ..  Enjoy this picture .. :-) .. cute bento and some cupcake .. icecream too..

yummy .. :-)