Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A korean movie

Good morning,everybody ! ! ! Today,I'm going to tell you something..You know the movie : "Princess Hours" ? In Korea,it's called "Goong"..It's the most interesting Korea movie I've ever seen ! It's about a marriage of two students in 19 years old..They always fight among each other..But one day,they fell in love..They went to a beach and play there..They were very sweet!!I don't think I like Koreans before,but know I started to love it..There was also one movie I like..The title is "I am Your Teacher"..It's about a student named Yu Eunbyeol living with her teacher named Mr Jang (Jang Isan) ..What a weird name he has..Well,Eunbyeol's father asked Mr Jang to live with Eunbyeol to protect her..Her father can be categorized as a gangster but her father loves her so much..Soon,Eunbyeol fell in love with Mr Jang..There was also this boy named Chae Musin..Man,he' hot..The actor's name is Chae Seunghyun or his stage name,T.O.P ..Unfortunately,the movie had ended..It has a sad ending..Mr Jang became old and they couldn't get married..

Friday, August 13, 2010

The future

The future isn't like the past..
It comes out with various choices and portals..
Once you've step on a wrong pebble,
You'll be drown into the depth of the river..

But sometimes we can repair our mistakes..
You can't go back to the past,
But you can fix things better..
And sometimes you can learn from your own mistakes
and also others'..

Although,it's complicated for people that were totally "ruined"..
No matter how hard you try,
No matter how hard you advised,
They will just protest and never agree..

So pray to God daily..
Ask Him to guide you
Whenever and whatever you do..


Saturday, August 7, 2010

anything about today

hye there..i feel so uncomfortable today.. coz.. i've started thinking about him.. i don't want this feeling actually.. I hate being like this.. it makes me crazy.. why he chose me??why he didn't choose other people??i just want freedom.. i'm not a good person to be loved.. i'm not the correct person.. but who am i to obstruct his feeling at me.. i'm not GOD.. it's hard for me to love him.. like the song escape the fate,harder than you know..[Not loving you is harder than you know].. i hope when he schools at the new school[kubong high school]he will get a good person to be loved.. i'm so wicked right??But i think this is the right choice for our own good.. ok.. tata.. hope GOD always beside me and bless me about what i'm doing.. love you always yah.. i feel so sinful to him.. right..