Friday, December 30, 2011

Start of Something New

See the title there? Yea, I know it's lame :p but i don't give a damn. Christmas is over and it ends so fast. But my joy would last forever :D I just miss Christmas time. To me, this year's Christmas is the best Christmas ever! On Christmas Eve, we built a campfire, sit around it, and sang Christmas songs. Well, I wasn't really singing. Who wants to sing if you have a terrible voice? So I decided to keep my mouth shut. I only sang some parts of the song. On Christmas, we woke up and felt like it was just an ordinary day. On the same time, I couldn't believe that it was Christmas! Time flies too fast D; My cousins were going back to their home on 26th. That was the day when I felt really lonely. As if no one was there for me to cheer me up. Whenever I'm surrounded with my beloved cousins, I feel very secure. All those memories about them, I can't get it out of my head. That really made me wanna cry. On 27th, it was our turn to go home. My grandma dropped a tear, you know. I don't like seeing her cry. I want to see her wearing a smile on her face all the time. Have you ever wondered how did your grandma look like when she was a teenager? :P

If you ask me when is the happiest day of my life, my excellent answer would be every Christmas Day. Because the Lord is born on that day. A day that brightens up the life of every man in the world. I really, really love Christmas. Okay, that's all about my Christmas time. Now let me share with you guys about my coming new year. It's one more day to go :) Yay! I'm in Form 3 next year. Form 3?? That gives me chill down my spine. I'm gonna sit for my PMR D: Oh no, that's a nightmare. Never mind, I'm going to prepare myself seriously next year. I'll make sure that I get straight A's for PMR. With a liitle help from my family, teachers, friends and of course, God. I'm not gonna start a new life, but I'll try to improve my habits and attitude. I want to be a cheerful, friendly and diligent girl :D Mom says I'm not a socialite person. That's 100% true. People don't get along with me. So I'll try my best to make people comfortable with me. Wish me luck, readers! That's what I call a "Start of Something New". Thank You God, for giving me the best year of my life (2011), I learned so much and met many nice people in this year. You've taught me lesson that I would never forget. You've taught me about patience, love, friendship and the best of life.

P.s Dear 2011, I'm gonna miss you. A lot lot lot lot lot  :) Love ya!