Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life :'(

Ola. It's already August. Still got 2 months to go.*sigh*. Hey twinnies! I realise it's already 4 years since we set up this blog. Woah. Time passes quickly. We're growing. I don't know what I'm thinking right now but for sure I've lost in myself. I do not even know what i think. I just follow the flow. But deep inside me it hurt me much. Sometimes i feel like i wanna give up but still i can manage to get up with this little piece of hope. Sometimes i feel that i have fail to be a good one for them eventhough i already make them proud but that still not enough  :'( . No one can understand us because they've never been in our shoes. Talk is easier than action.Nobody want to be born as a failure. God. You know what is the best for me. I will follow the path that you have set for me. From you i come to you i return. Give me a strength heart to overcome this obstacles . **** I'm tired of this but i know my burden is just a little other than the people out there and I'm grateful for all i have. Maybe it's not my sustenance yet but better late than never right? :) if you read this twinnie, do reply my post ya. You know i always miss you dear. I know there's is no use if i cry but what can i do other than that. Only God know that.