Monday, June 16, 2014


Hello πŸ˜ƒ. Yeap twinnie. You're right. It's been a while now since we have not update our blog due to our own busyness and hwaitting for this life. I just don't know what to say actually but i really need you dear 😭. I miss you a lot. I'm hoping that there's a time that we can be together in our own life and forget this world for a while without the studies or problems. But that surely impossible for us.  Hoho. I feel the loneliness inside me and it really hard for me. OMG! I'm  not in depression right?

Soon you will sit for your final exam this years. So i hope you'll be alright . Eventhough you said before "mcm malas suda mau belajar" HAHAHA i feel you. But there's nothing we can do. If only money and knowledge can come by it own and we can meet that 5 idiots idols everytime we want 😍 . Hoho. They're really adorable. Opps! I should stop it before you become too crazy. Number 1 FANGIRLING. Lol. Ok. That all's for today. I'm too emo. Do you want to an emo too?  πŸ˜„ lots of love dear. Goodbye . :)