Saturday, August 25, 2012

=_= . Reflection?Don't Know.

Bonjour! I'm back , :D .  Well.. Finally i got the chance to write this after all..Tomorrow i'm going back to Miri, Sobs.But for studying,i must sacrifice until next year.Next year I will be sitting for SPM and i must struggle very hard to achieve my dream.Actually, i don't know what to write but my heart said 'alaa,takpaa,buat jer ape-ape,yang penting bahagia'.:DSo, i decided to update our blog.Then, i started think about my other partner a.k.a my lovely cousins.Both of us almost have the same attitude,kinda naughty a little bit.:) . We love doing thing that can make us happy and we like twin? perhaps . haha ,, Kidding ,Oh,before i forgot,i would like to wish her the very best luck and luck and luck for her PMR on the 9th Okteber!:)Hope you can be stronger like the superman,like the Ra One[the india movie that i told you or if you don't know about it,you better find mr Google]Lol.I miss all of our family and i can't wait this December.Family reunion time !:)<  Oh ya, I want to share something with you.I know this people from the camp that i followed last month,She is our faci and when the last day of the camp , we hugged,she give me advice and i really appreciate that.Thanks to her !:) We still contact with each other and since i didn't have a sister,i consider her as my sister even she didn't know that . :D .I love her very much and i miss her too . Hope i can meet her soon.She going back to London on this 9th september and she was studying to be a doctor there.

P.s:I love Kak Najah much , okey ,i'm so tired right now.I need to rest.Bye.. Muahh ..