Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nothing much :)

Yummy! Eating chocolate while blogging XD I miss my blog. Been a long time since I updated bloggie :) This week, [18.07.2011 - 22.07.2011] was an eventful time. Sad or glad, that's what I'm going to tell =] So keep scrolling down the page!

On Monday, my favorite movie, Juvana, had just finished! I enjoyed watching that movie although my parents didn't allow me to watch it. "Why would you want to watch that thing? It's bad" , that's what they'll say. Actually, it's not that bad at all. It has meaningful of moral values and people can learn from it. Unfortunately, it finished so quickly :(
On Tuesday, there were two events. First,HE gets sulking :P I can't reply his messages `cause i got a red light from ma dad. So, I can't touch my phone. Then, when I texted him, WOW ! There's a huge coldness! I never thought that he could be that cold to me. But i just calm down though my head is full of complicated wires at that time =X Secondly, I heard a horrible thing! Suzie and I went to the Discipline Room and found out that a girl was being scolded badly by our discipline teacher. She cried so loudly and the yelling was freaking me out! I can't stand any second and I just dashed out of the room. It made me remembered some of my old times in the past years... A very scary moment happened to me which I just can't forget . . . :O

On Wednesday, aarrgghh!! A very, very embarrassing day and was one of the worst day ever! I could laugh with my friends but inside the deepest part of my heart, i'm crying so sadly. I was so stressed out and sorrowful. Plus, seeing the Science teacher's face made me crazy! Not long after the class started, my heart was exploding and i feel like i want to cry. Because of lack of patience, tears rolled down (after damaging the Science note book :P) . Totally embarrassing but satisfying.
On Thursday, we moved to a new and prettier class. But it sucks! And all the disturbing people from other classes moved into the building, too. Now that place feels like hell. Then, during Moral class, each of the students were given a piece of paper and we have to draw anything which described ourselves and write our name on it. After that, the paper was passed to other students. It's like this: If you got Leona's name on the paper, (example) then you have to write comments about her attitude. Got it? At the end of the activity, we got back our own paper and read the comments. One of the comments on my paper is "WEIRD" . HAHAHA! That's true. I'm a weird person and i'm not normal. Can't believe they noticed that. XD

Lastly, on Friday., my friends, Sheron, Suzie, Eleanor and I went to Emy's house. Emy is one of my best friends. Just like Sheron, Suzie and Eleanor :) I could tell, her house is so amazing! You wouldn't want to get out once you step in it. :P Guess what? We ate spaghetti and made funny videos :DD I enjoyed that time very much! I was very happy on Friday! Maybe because I laughed too much with my friends. HAHAHA :D

That's all for today :) Hope the joy of being with my dearest friends would never end!
P/S : Don't laugh at the netball club `cause after some time, you'll be holding hands with them doing exercise.