Friday, December 30, 2011

Start of Something New

See the title there? Yea, I know it's lame :p but i don't give a damn. Christmas is over and it ends so fast. But my joy would last forever :D I just miss Christmas time. To me, this year's Christmas is the best Christmas ever! On Christmas Eve, we built a campfire, sit around it, and sang Christmas songs. Well, I wasn't really singing. Who wants to sing if you have a terrible voice? So I decided to keep my mouth shut. I only sang some parts of the song. On Christmas, we woke up and felt like it was just an ordinary day. On the same time, I couldn't believe that it was Christmas! Time flies too fast D; My cousins were going back to their home on 26th. That was the day when I felt really lonely. As if no one was there for me to cheer me up. Whenever I'm surrounded with my beloved cousins, I feel very secure. All those memories about them, I can't get it out of my head. That really made me wanna cry. On 27th, it was our turn to go home. My grandma dropped a tear, you know. I don't like seeing her cry. I want to see her wearing a smile on her face all the time. Have you ever wondered how did your grandma look like when she was a teenager? :P

If you ask me when is the happiest day of my life, my excellent answer would be every Christmas Day. Because the Lord is born on that day. A day that brightens up the life of every man in the world. I really, really love Christmas. Okay, that's all about my Christmas time. Now let me share with you guys about my coming new year. It's one more day to go :) Yay! I'm in Form 3 next year. Form 3?? That gives me chill down my spine. I'm gonna sit for my PMR D: Oh no, that's a nightmare. Never mind, I'm going to prepare myself seriously next year. I'll make sure that I get straight A's for PMR. With a liitle help from my family, teachers, friends and of course, God. I'm not gonna start a new life, but I'll try to improve my habits and attitude. I want to be a cheerful, friendly and diligent girl :D Mom says I'm not a socialite person. That's 100% true. People don't get along with me. So I'll try my best to make people comfortable with me. Wish me luck, readers! That's what I call a "Start of Something New". Thank You God, for giving me the best year of my life (2011), I learned so much and met many nice people in this year. You've taught me lesson that I would never forget. You've taught me about patience, love, friendship and the best of life.

P.s Dear 2011, I'm gonna miss you. A lot lot lot lot lot  :) Love ya!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Enough is Enough

Didn't you know? I've been having a crush on you since last year. Didn't you know? I've been enduring so much pain, watching you at class all the time. I had no idea whether I'm still sane or vice versa. I watched you smile, watched you laugh, talk, walk, I laugh at your jokes, even though it's never meant for me. I counted your footsteps, I kept all your messages. A simple "Hi" means too much for me. I thought you're a dream to come true. But you're not a fairy tale, you're a dream meant for sleeping. You never knew that I exist. And that you never knew how many times my heart skipped a beat when you walked over me. I stupidly smile when I see your name on the screen. Well, no worries dear :) I had enough. I'm tired of enduring. I'm tired of waiting. I'm done dreaming. I'm sick of this. I'm sick of you. I'm sick of everything related to you. All I wanna say is, I'm done chasing after you. I hate being invisible. That's it. I'm fully over with it. I'm sorry for stalking over you.

"I hate myself for still caring about you all the while knowing you still don't give a shit about me."
"I hope someday you'll find all my quotes, all my words, and read them all. I hope you'll know that they're all about you."

I'll stop it, right now, okay? :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

hapi for a hours

hi..tonight is a very very hapi night,eventhought it just only for a hours.Infront of our house gonna have a band player from dwrna band .1st it look bored,but at 10 like that,many people go there . they dance for fun . Same like my aunt and me . acctually ,i'm really bored but after  we dance my bored gone .. XD . When i look up to the sky,there many stars shining beutifully .. I wish i can see a shooting star .hehe .. but i guest not .:[ .. so,that only for today . .

Monday, October 24, 2011


I've been tagged by Onyee, Wan Ting, Donna and Aki  . Thanks affies! :) This is the first time I've been tagged by somebody :) This is IT xD

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. HERE WE GO AGAIN.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty)have to tag 11 people.

11 things about me
1. I'm dreaming of a world without violence, murders and any other sins.
2. I thought about ridiculous stuff such as the end of the world, death, etc. which makes me a negative person. 
3. I am easily frightened by gruesome stuffs, ghosts, death and scary things. I really hate them. 
4. I'm often angry and became mad when something gets in my way. To put it simply, I'm kinda selfish :P 
5. I love my family even though they constantly cause me misery (they didn't understand me) and me, too, always hurt their feelings. 
6. To me, a day without laughter is like a day in 'hell'.
7. I love ANIME ! I never ever hate ANIME ! 
8. Chores? I hate them . 
9. I love rabbits. They're cute, adorable and funny! :D 
10. I'm always very slow in making any decisions.  
11. I just wanna be a good human being and an obedient child of God ♥
My Questions
1. If you had the chance to make 3 wishes, what are they?
2. When do you often study?
3. What will you do if you can't sleep at night?
4. Spaghetti or Pasta? -hahaha!
5. Religion? 
6. Favorite movie?
7. Blue or Red?
8. What's your nickname? 
9. Do you like chores? 
10. Fish or rabbits?
11. What's your favorite subject? 

Onyee's Questions
1. If you had a chance to meet someone (can be dead, alive or fictional), who would it be?
- Mio Akiyama in K-on anime!
2. What super power would you like to have?
- A power to destroy 'blindness'
3. What book are you reading at the moment?
- Mr. Midnight.
4. Maths or English?
- Both? :D 
5. London or New York?
- Both! xD 
6. One word to describe yourself?
- Complicated
7. What is your favourite song at the moment?
- We Are The Reason
8. What is your favourite quote?
- Life is too short to be anything but happy
9. One country where you like to visit?
- Singapore? 
10. What month was you born in?
- February
11. What are you scared of?
- Losing the ones I loved

Wan Ting's questions
1. What's something you changed your mind about when you grew older? 
- Don't have to hate chores anymore. Hahaha! XD 
2. What is your biggest flaw?
- Shouting at my mom ~maybe 
3. True/False : Music cheers you up.
- That is so true! 
4. What's the most valuable thing you own?
- A Bible
5. What 3 things do you own, that you use the most?
- Pen, comb and toothbrush
6. Lady Gaga : Yay or Nay?
- Nay! D:
7. What countries have you been to?
- Wow, this is pretty embarassing. None! Ahaha ;DD 
8. What makes you feel better when you're feeling down?
- Pray, listen to music or talk with my best friend. 
9. Bloggers you wanna meet in real life?
- All bloggers! 
10. Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? 
- Behind the camera ._. 
11. What does the last text message you received says?
- "Yeah, the best part is the ending. When johnny hits queen elizabeth."

Donna's Questions
1.what was your most embarrassing moment?
- When my friend told my crush that I send my regards to him. 
2.your favorite food?
- Spaghetti
3.what's you'r height?
- 152 cm
4.what do you like? can fly or superpowers? why?
- Can fly `cause I wanna see how are people doing out there in other country. 
5. describe yourself
- I'm complicated and confused. 
6. favorite quote?
- Life is too short to be anything but happy
7. who's your favorite Disney princess and why?
- Selena Gomez? is she a Disney princess? because she's cute and mature? idk~ ahaha xD
8.sunny or rainy?
- Sunny
9. what did you do while summer?
-  Watch movies, anime and blogging
10. favorite color?
- Blue
11.what are you doing right now? =))
- Blogging ;D 

Aki's Questions
1)Favourite anime/manga/drama/movie?
- K-on, Kaichou wa maid-sama, toradora and kimi ni todoke
2)JPOP song? by?
- Don't say lazy by ~ Mio or Yoko Hikasa? dunno O_O
3)KPOP song? by?
- I don't listen to K-pop songs
4)Are you short?
- Kinda :P 
5)Horror or romance?
- Ahaha! :D not even both of them. Comedies only.
6)Vampire or zombies?
- Vampire.
7)would you skip school?
- Nope :)
8)Have you done something for someone truly with your own heart?
- Yes! xD
9)What do you want for 2012?
- Improve myself.
10)Do you like Domo kun?
- Yes.
11)would you like a cookie?
- Yes

I haven't tag someone yet. But these are the bloggers that I decided to tag later.
Suki, Pretzel, Chelsea, Claire, Maora, Rhoze, Heyuan, April, Moonzkie, Holly, Chunri. 
Hope you enjoy reading this post? or maybe not :/

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Please, Don't Make Me Do This!

I hate being nagged . I hate being shouted by someone . People just can't understand my feelings! Yes, I always say something bad to people but I sometimes I don't mean it . And some of my words are insulting people, but I never meant to insult them like that . Even my mother don't know how I felt . Whoa, don't get me wrong . I never wanted to be a bad girl! No way! But this is the truth . Nobody understands how I felt . Only God knows :) To put it simple, or, in other words, what I said are mostly not exactly what I was feeling . So people misunderstood it so easily . No, from the start, they NEVER understand! I'm telling the truth . I'm not earning sympathies from all the readers, but hey, it's my diary, right? I just want to share my feelings and my thoughts . So when somebody read this blog, at least I'm happy `cause I managed to tell people and now they knew my feelings and my thoughts . Yeah, I really appreciate those who read this :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gonna work hard ;D

Hello, people xD ! It's October now and my excel exam is getting nearer. Some teachers say it's on 31st of October but some students say it's on 13th and 20th of October. But it doesn't matter. (It really matters, actually) I just have to work on it and study hard. I have to give my very best shot on this exam. I have to get straight A's in this exam. That is a must. I'm getting weak on Maths subject. So I need to do more and more exercise on this. Besides, I discovered that I need some improvement on essay writing. English and Malay. Aaarrrggghh! Too many things to do! The form 1 subjects must be revised, too! I wonder if I can survive with these kind of stress ;( Hope I can cover all the topics perfectly. God, please give me enough time! Wish me luck, guys! :DD *so that explains my hiatus mode =]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An embarassing moment

It happens yesterday at Signature in Karamunsing. I carried a purse with a single hand, 'cause i like it that way. But little did I know, that the purse just slipped off from my hand ! How careless! No wonder I felt uneasy for a little while. While I was looking for some items, my mom asked me anxiously, "Is your purse still with you, dear?" . Then I realized that I was not holding my purse. It really freaked me out and I was really shocked at that time. I said, "No. It's not with me." and the Signature staff told me, "We found a purse and brought it to the counter." So I immediately went to the counter and get my purse. Thanks, God! But that didn't cheer my dad off. He was completely mad. He didn't say a single word about it while we were in the shop. Yeah, he's a hot-tempered man. In the car, I was scolded for being so careless all the time. And I heard something that really insulted me. But it doesn't matter. I think God is trying to teach me some lesson so that I can be more careful next time. By the way, it's the first time that I lost a purse. Thinking that as an important event, I had the urge to share about it. I've been thinking on what to write since yesterday!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Addicted to something :P

Hi there, readers! It's been some time since I've broken up with him . Now I don't know what to do . Somehow I feel empty . I mean, now my love story has ended . Did it really ended? Am I supposed to chase after him or try to not falling in love again? If I'm in love with someone, is it a sin? So, that's the point . I am still trapped in this situation. Will I be happy if I love him but he doesn't love me? I have no idea. Anyway , as I were saying in my post title, I'm addicted to something . It's The Glee Project . I have just watched the videos at YouTube and found it really interesting . They were so awesome and amazing! I like the one named Damian McGinty . His voice is so beautiful and he's a cute guy . Well, maybe just a "like" , not a crush . Ahaha :DD I'm amazed by his voice . This is one of the videos that I like the most . Take a look :)

And this one is nice , too =]

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Longing to break free :D

Yeap, I'm waiting for this very moment. Waiting to be free from all the complicated problems. Yes, I have broken up with my "teddy bear" !!!!!! I don't know what it is, but I felt sorrowful and satisfied (happy) at the same time. Crazy, isn't it? We broke up just because of a very simple matter. He accused me of being unfaithful ! How dare him ! Go to hell ! WTH ! Arrggghh~! He has no rights to say that. I've tried so hard, very hard to forget the another him, just because of my "teddy bear". But he didn't realize it ! He said that the way I talk to him is changing, as if I don't want him anymore. But he never know! He never understand! My way of loving is not about romance ! He likes romance but I don't ! Besides, I'm so damn busy right now and I don't have time to text him. However, that doesn't mean I'm unfaithful, right ??!

We had a really serious fight back then. With more that 30 messages! :O ahaha XD but I'm proud with that, honestly. :P On the other night, he didn't text me after school. So I let it be. I don't even care ! But then I remembered about what my friend told me. She said that I should calm him down and talk to him in a nice way. (Not in fighting mode) So, I told him that I love him even though he hates me. But he just said, "Oh yeah? It's so touching" . Don't you feel angry if someone says like that to you when you're honestly sincere? Arrrggghhh~!!! And I'm like, "Yeah, you should cut your head off" . So without thinking of the consequences, I decided to break up 'cause I'm really mad at him. How dare he underestimate my love like that?!! I told him, "Alright, okay . If that's the case, it's over. Don't ever think of it again!" . Oh, I still remember the time. It's 10.06 pm, 6 September 2011. Hahaha :D After that, there was still a fight betwenn the two of us.

So, the conclusion is, I hate Form 1 boys. I hate them so much! They're so immature! Go away, you useless little brat ! I hate you ! Now I'm free ! Hoorays ! Thank God !

I'm not going to stress over you anymore, it isn't worth it.
I tried to work something out, but you just ignored it.
I'm not trying to say I don't want you, because I definitely do.
All I'm saying is I'm DONE chasing after you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Color quiz :)

Hello there :) This is a post which I took from Chelsea's blog . I'm so grateful . Since I'm so damn bored and don't know what to post, so I go blogwalking and saw her post . (Really , thank you , affie :DD) So here it is: 

Your Existing Situation
Stressed and confused about love, family and my rights. I want to be loved by the one that I adored so much. I want him to love me just like I loved him with all my heart.

Your Stress Sources
Always be the one who's making horrible mistakes. Not satisfied with myself as I was always been blamed for everything happened. Always being isolated from friends and families.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Being so aggresive and ignorant, as well as annoying. Always shout out opinions and never want to give up in a quarrel or a fight, even with my family.

Your Desired Objective
To be the best among the best and wish to be a perfect human being although it's not possible. Wants to be a girl who doesn't care about what people think of her. Wants to be someone who makes no mistakes and so clever. A girl who was adored all the time and never been underestimated. Wants to be happy, confident and more alive on every single day.

Your Actual Problem
Never had the chance to spit out my own decisions, never had the time to be alone and feel the peace in my life, never had the chance to GET what I want. Least loved by family. Never had full attention from everyone around. Never had the opportunity to be understood and never ever had the chance to have someone to be with, someone who can bear with my disabilities, someone who can be by my side and someone who can love me sincerely.

Your Actual Problem #2
Afraid to end up in hell. Feeling underestimated by someone better than me. Feeling lonely every time as if I'm alone in this whole wide world. Feeling like a stupid person. Feeling like an ugly, naughty and bad girl. 

I just want a happy and peaceful life. That's all ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Missing You Today ..


Hi there,today when in my way to the church,i saw him.That time they had just finished cleaning the grave.He still same as before.No change but kinda higher a little bit . Hurmmm.. I miss the moment,our memory.I just can't even forget him.Eventhough we dont have any relantionship already.But i stil hope that some day we can talk,laugh go outing together with our friends .. X) .and the most important i can see his smile after a long time i never seen that smile .. I really miss that smile .. TT_TT


Tell my why do things have to change when they were perfect from the start...?
Why do we have to lose everything that we have always been holding onto,
I kept thinking that this loneliness, this sadness, this.. emptiness would be gone if I kept you by my side. But now, I realize that even though something is near you.. they feel.. distant. Was it because I was forcing them to continue staying by my side? Was it because.. because you don't feel the way I wanted you too. Was it because.. was it because I was too selfish to realize what you truly felt? Was it because.. I was always focusing on my feelings, that I didn't even have the time to consider what YOU felt? Or was it because.. you saw right through me..?
i always wonder if i died if anybody would miss me..i feel alone.i wonder since nobody seems to even care about my feelings and they just assume i am fine, would anybody even notice if some day i just disappear??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why ?

I'm gonna get crazy ! If I stay like this forever until form 3 , I will not be able to pass my exam . That's for sure ! Hey , him! Please get out of my life ! I feel like I wanna transfer to a new school ! Why ? Because I'm crazy ! Crazy because of him . Why must I control myself each time when I look at him ? He's not watching me , so why must I control myself ? I think I'm just a stupid, dumb, crazy nerd . I can't live like this . I can't focus in class . Why must I fall ? Why must I fall in this stupid thing which they called, "love" ?  Argghhh!!!! It's such a headache, heartache and everything-ache ! Never mind, I'll work hard with all of my strengths and feelings, to forget him for eternity. I'll make sure that I'll be free after holiday . Feeling fresh without any doubt anymore . Yay ! Looking forward to forgetting you, him ! I'm not gonna be crazy after you get out of my brain .

Before :

After holidays :

Oh yeah ! xoxo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Give Me a Clear Sign, Please! =.=

Hello , readers! Since I've kept this secret for a long time, I decided to reveal this secret. Okay, now I'll start with another him . I have some feelings towards him . Not just ordinary feelings, but it's an outstanding one . (Not really, actually :P) My day wouldn't be perfect without looking at him every single day at school. I don't know why , but I think he's starting to get uncomfortable . Well, for two or more times we nearly see each other face to face  and that's because of me . 'Cause I keep staring at him . Who wouldn't feel uncomfortable if somebody's watching you all the time? I tried not to look at him or care about him anymore but I can't ~!!!! This is what you get when you let your heart win ;(( Sometimes, I feel like I want to shout loudly and clearly in front of him saying, "Do you know something? Have you ever notice that I like you? I wish to know what kind of girl that you like! Don't you ever understand? I want to know your feelings! Please tell me ! Give me a clear sign! I'm not forcing you to love me like I loved you but I can't be like this anymore . I wanna let it out ! I want you to know that I liked you since 2010 !" But that's not gonna happen . I'll be DEAD if I spit that out. Yeah, dead because of shame TT_TT . Please, somebody please help get rid of this stupid nonsense feeling. I don't wanna suffer anymore . Besides, I already have a "teddy bear" . And I can't be unfaithful to him . It's not fair . But I dare to admit , that I love him more than my existing "teddy bear" . Sorry , "teddy bear" . . . .  ;(((
Here, take my broken heart .

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some boring stories :P

Hye there :) I'm so bored , so i made a boring love story . I don't know if you're gonna enjoy it or not but , i enjoy posting in to my blog . :P

I woke up finding myself lying on a bed in a hospital . I'm puzzled to see mom and Ben sleeping beside my bed . Maybe they were accompanying me since last night . I tried to get up and wake them up but I feel so weak that I can't even move my arms. Without any notice , Ben woke up and smiled at me .
"Feeling okay, sis?"
"Almost. What happened?"
"Shhh.. Get some rest. You're not fully recovered"
So I lay down and take a deep breath. I tried to remember what happened last night. I was at the club last night, drinking coca-cola. Stephanie's there, dancing . And suddenly, I felt dizzy so I get out of the club leaving Stephanie, reached my car and drove home. After that, I can't remember anything. A few minutes later, mom woke up.

"Oh my dear Sophie! You're alive!"
"Of course I'm alive, mom. Tell me, why am I here? What happened? Who sent me here? Where's my car?"
"Your car is at the workshop. Don't worry, your brother will take care of your car." I glanced at Ben. Then looked at mom. Still waiting for an answer. 
"Wait, you don't remember anything about last night?"
"Yes, I do. But , after I got into the car, I can't remember anything."
"Don't tell me, that you don't have any idea why you knocked out a motorbike?"
"What??! A motorbike? No, I don't know anything!" I was shocked hearing what mom had said. How come I did something like that? But hey, it's possible. Wasn't I dizzy last night? Hahaha .
" Yes, a motorbike. And there's a guy who called me and informed me about it . He's the one who brought you here. Who is it? Do you know him?"
Wow! This is PUZZLING me. Who's that kind guy? My mind is racing.
"What's his name?"
 Mom took out a card from her handbag and read it.
"Maxwell Tony"
 HEY !! That's the name of the guy who spammed on each of my status in FB ! Does he know me? 
Okay, now I'm ran out of idea. Will continue this boring story again next time. :))

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't know what to do =.=

Okay , I'm super bored right now. Many stories to tell but my hands are too heavy to type more words and sentences. I just want to tell you guys that I'm so frustrated about him . He's such a headache! Well, I can't tell much about him here , 'cause somebody may be a spy . Don't want my little secret to be exposed.

Btw, my tests are over and i'm shaking to see my results . Hope i'll get a good and satisfying grade. And what makes me happier is... I've watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 ! It was so awesome, amazing, great and WOW ! Now I've become a fan of Harry Potter. Well, Twilight Saga was never blown away from my heart , though :PP
Not necessarily to mention, Hermione is my favorite character! She was brilliant, smart and pretty. Ginny is pretty, too. Hahaha XD I love the parts when they perform a spell ^_____^

I love the three of them! :DD Guess I'll be turning into a Potter-addicted girl from now on :P

Monday, August 1, 2011

Preparing, . .

Exam is just around the corner! 1 more week and i'll be facing a serious war! My results are getting worse lately. It's because of lack studying. Staring at the monitor for hours and didn't touch the books, this is what i got. I need to get all A's for this test otherwise i'll be punished (╥_╥) This is such a drag. NO cellphone, NO facebook, NO Internet , NO tv and NO blogging! ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶  I can't live like that! o(≧o≦)o  So, from this day forwards, i'm going to struggle to get that "A" . So I might be on hiatus. But no worries, i'll check on my blog whenever i have free time. Sorry if i didn't manage to reply your tags :( Will be missing my friends' and my blog everyday (●*∩_∩*●) Wish me luck on my test ! Btw, hope my cellphone would never be taken away from me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nothing much :)

Yummy! Eating chocolate while blogging XD I miss my blog. Been a long time since I updated bloggie :) This week, [18.07.2011 - 22.07.2011] was an eventful time. Sad or glad, that's what I'm going to tell =] So keep scrolling down the page!

On Monday, my favorite movie, Juvana, had just finished! I enjoyed watching that movie although my parents didn't allow me to watch it. "Why would you want to watch that thing? It's bad" , that's what they'll say. Actually, it's not that bad at all. It has meaningful of moral values and people can learn from it. Unfortunately, it finished so quickly :(
On Tuesday, there were two events. First,HE gets sulking :P I can't reply his messages `cause i got a red light from ma dad. So, I can't touch my phone. Then, when I texted him, WOW ! There's a huge coldness! I never thought that he could be that cold to me. But i just calm down though my head is full of complicated wires at that time =X Secondly, I heard a horrible thing! Suzie and I went to the Discipline Room and found out that a girl was being scolded badly by our discipline teacher. She cried so loudly and the yelling was freaking me out! I can't stand any second and I just dashed out of the room. It made me remembered some of my old times in the past years... A very scary moment happened to me which I just can't forget . . . :O

On Wednesday, aarrgghh!! A very, very embarrassing day and was one of the worst day ever! I could laugh with my friends but inside the deepest part of my heart, i'm crying so sadly. I was so stressed out and sorrowful. Plus, seeing the Science teacher's face made me crazy! Not long after the class started, my heart was exploding and i feel like i want to cry. Because of lack of patience, tears rolled down (after damaging the Science note book :P) . Totally embarrassing but satisfying.
On Thursday, we moved to a new and prettier class. But it sucks! And all the disturbing people from other classes moved into the building, too. Now that place feels like hell. Then, during Moral class, each of the students were given a piece of paper and we have to draw anything which described ourselves and write our name on it. After that, the paper was passed to other students. It's like this: If you got Leona's name on the paper, (example) then you have to write comments about her attitude. Got it? At the end of the activity, we got back our own paper and read the comments. One of the comments on my paper is "WEIRD" . HAHAHA! That's true. I'm a weird person and i'm not normal. Can't believe they noticed that. XD

Lastly, on Friday., my friends, Sheron, Suzie, Eleanor and I went to Emy's house. Emy is one of my best friends. Just like Sheron, Suzie and Eleanor :) I could tell, her house is so amazing! You wouldn't want to get out once you step in it. :P Guess what? We ate spaghetti and made funny videos :DD I enjoyed that time very much! I was very happy on Friday! Maybe because I laughed too much with my friends. HAHAHA :D

That's all for today :) Hope the joy of being with my dearest friends would never end!
P/S : Don't laugh at the netball club `cause after some time, you'll be holding hands with them doing exercise.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"You know that imma crazy bitch, i do what i want when i feel like it" :DD
I don't give a damn on who u are. I'm just me, no one else. I'm the girl you'll never be.
I'm not wearing any make-up , i'm being who i am. I'm just being honest to myself.
It's about me, not u. It's about myself, not you. My business, not yours! >.0
"`cause you're fucking crazy rock n roll!"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maths crazy? (>.<)

I have to improve my maths :P It's going so down lately. My maths result sucks! >.< It's been a very long time since I got A for the last time T^T i have a friend , named _____ (cant mention her name here :] ) God, she's a maths expert ! She got only 2 mistakes in the mid-year examination! I totally respect you, my friend! Ahaha XD I could say , she's pretty, she's cute, very tall and clever. She has too many fans in my school :)) I never met someone like her. I wanna steal her brain XPP Hahaha !

Okay, change the topic (~.~) I really really wanna improve in maths :'( but how?? i cant focus in class `cause i keep chatting with my friend, Suzie. She rocks! It's fun chit-chatting and laughing with her :DD and when we got into our "world of fantasy", (just kidding) we cant wake up :PP Thats why we cant master the maths subject but luckily, we have a very kind friend who taught us about the "ratios,rates and proportion". i think we were the last one to understand the topic XP see this? well, to me, it's super confusing!

I hope it'll be okay soon :) Gotta prepare for school now ! Bye !

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sad news happen to me

I miss my friend. I know she had gone and never to return.GODs loved her much. She was buried on 23 june 2011. We came to visit her on Monday, we could again shake her hand. Posted so the way she was. On Tuesday, we plan to visit again, but they tell that she left this world. At that time, we feel empty and not believe that she was gone for ever.We felt very sad . But we know this is the trials and challenges from the GODs. We can only allow him to go with GODs. I felt lost.My heart is crying . Sometimes i call her name by xcidentlly , but luckily no one hear it . I just can't belive that she gone . All of us that know her,felt the same thing . :'( . I know her is when the first time we came to school.Ya,our school had hostel and we sleep there .That time we still did know each other,but after we change information with other,we became friend.We always doing thing together expecially eating at canteen.She is a good girl.Last month,my cuzzy gone also,he died on 14 may 2011 . I still remember the time that we play together,laugh,disturbing our granma,but now,he gone also.I totally miss them.I miss their smile on their face.They gone in a young age.15 years old.But we only can pray for them and for we that still alive on this earth , appreciate our life.Dont end our life by our own like them.It not good.May their soul rest in peace,may GODs always with them.GOD bless . X'( .

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Domo Or Danbo?

Who choose domo?who choose danbo?which want you all want?Both of this thing look a little bit same..Eventhough it really different but the colour look same,right?but domo is more cute than danbo.As for me,domo is still the top than danbo . XD .

Here is the picture:


Nah,enjoy the picture.XD . Both cute but domo is more cutest!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baking Life !

I've left my favourite game for almost 3 months !! I bet my cakes are burning and the display cases are empty all these months ! >.<  Oohh, I'm so jealous seeing my friends' gorgeous bakery ! I miss the music of the game ! I have to build a new shop again and start over from the first level. It's not easy to decorate this stuff.
Gonna need coins and credits. But it's just a game. Ahaha xDD

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A poem that attracted me

Take care when you choose what to say.
For once your words are spoken,
They cannot be recalled.

Take care when you choose the thoughts
To hold in your mind.
For the quality of your life is determined
By the quality of your thoughts.

Take care when you choose
What to do with your time.
Time passes quickly no matter what you do,
So your best option is to make the very most of it.

Take care when setting the goals you will follow,
And choose those that are truly yours.
You’re far more likely to attain those goals
That have real meaning and are in line
With your own special purpose.

Take care when living this day, this moment,
This life with which you have been so richly blessed.

Take care, enjoy, appreciate, and value it all.
Take care, for there is so very much for which to live :)

art of bored

If you love something,let it go,
if it comes back to you,its yours,
if it does,it never was .

p/s: Dont leave the person you love for the person you like becuz the person you like will leave you for the     person they love.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Homecoming :D !

The webmistress has returned! So sorry my blog, for abandoning for a very long time. Busyness is surrounding me D: My mom went noisy again. My dad is getting fierce. My teachers are going to explode ! My brain was almost popped out of my head ! What is happening ! We're facing our exam tomorrow. the exam started on 20th May. It's the mid-year examination :) which drives us nuts ! >:(
Hey, i wanna tell you something. A secret that I want everybody to know. I H A T E H O U S E H O L D C H O R E S ! Really , really hate it ! Well, i do it 'cause my mom ask me to do so . And even if I don't want to, I'll be deaf by her opera voice echoing in my head . Yeah, that's why . If you ever find me laughing non-stop in the middle of the road , that means 'goodbye' . :DD . I can't take it anymore .
Even my friendster account wasn't checked yet . :(( I miss my otaku friends there. 

Hmm .. That's all that I can write today. Got no idea now . Maybe i'll write whenever i have inspiration . hehhee~ toodles !

Saturday, March 12, 2011

my day .. 0.o

hi there .. leave one week, bored. do not know what to do .. fast for 40 days for the ester. tryto reduce the burden always do for my life. do not go to facebook for a month. So, see you after the first month possible after ester. hehehe. want to do good during the the Bible to reach out to the Lord. 
O, Lord, give me strength to face all obstacles and challenges I faced during my fast.

Miss my friends, teachers, hurmm .. impatiently waiting for the school holidays finished.yeah .. can find them again. The best news is that tomorrow, after prayers go to Sabah.Impatiently waiting for tomorrow .. hee ...