Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some boring stories :P

Hye there :) I'm so bored , so i made a boring love story . I don't know if you're gonna enjoy it or not but , i enjoy posting in to my blog . :P

I woke up finding myself lying on a bed in a hospital . I'm puzzled to see mom and Ben sleeping beside my bed . Maybe they were accompanying me since last night . I tried to get up and wake them up but I feel so weak that I can't even move my arms. Without any notice , Ben woke up and smiled at me .
"Feeling okay, sis?"
"Almost. What happened?"
"Shhh.. Get some rest. You're not fully recovered"
So I lay down and take a deep breath. I tried to remember what happened last night. I was at the club last night, drinking coca-cola. Stephanie's there, dancing . And suddenly, I felt dizzy so I get out of the club leaving Stephanie, reached my car and drove home. After that, I can't remember anything. A few minutes later, mom woke up.

"Oh my dear Sophie! You're alive!"
"Of course I'm alive, mom. Tell me, why am I here? What happened? Who sent me here? Where's my car?"
"Your car is at the workshop. Don't worry, your brother will take care of your car." I glanced at Ben. Then looked at mom. Still waiting for an answer. 
"Wait, you don't remember anything about last night?"
"Yes, I do. But , after I got into the car, I can't remember anything."
"Don't tell me, that you don't have any idea why you knocked out a motorbike?"
"What??! A motorbike? No, I don't know anything!" I was shocked hearing what mom had said. How come I did something like that? But hey, it's possible. Wasn't I dizzy last night? Hahaha .
" Yes, a motorbike. And there's a guy who called me and informed me about it . He's the one who brought you here. Who is it? Do you know him?"
Wow! This is PUZZLING me. Who's that kind guy? My mind is racing.
"What's his name?"
 Mom took out a card from her handbag and read it.
"Maxwell Tony"
 HEY !! That's the name of the guy who spammed on each of my status in FB ! Does he know me? 
Okay, now I'm ran out of idea. Will continue this boring story again next time. :))

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