Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Color quiz :)

Hello there :) This is a post which I took from Chelsea's blog . I'm so grateful . Since I'm so damn bored and don't know what to post, so I go blogwalking and saw her post . (Really , thank you , affie :DD) So here it is: 

Your Existing Situation
Stressed and confused about love, family and my rights. I want to be loved by the one that I adored so much. I want him to love me just like I loved him with all my heart.

Your Stress Sources
Always be the one who's making horrible mistakes. Not satisfied with myself as I was always been blamed for everything happened. Always being isolated from friends and families.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Being so aggresive and ignorant, as well as annoying. Always shout out opinions and never want to give up in a quarrel or a fight, even with my family.

Your Desired Objective
To be the best among the best and wish to be a perfect human being although it's not possible. Wants to be a girl who doesn't care about what people think of her. Wants to be someone who makes no mistakes and so clever. A girl who was adored all the time and never been underestimated. Wants to be happy, confident and more alive on every single day.

Your Actual Problem
Never had the chance to spit out my own decisions, never had the time to be alone and feel the peace in my life, never had the chance to GET what I want. Least loved by family. Never had full attention from everyone around. Never had the opportunity to be understood and never ever had the chance to have someone to be with, someone who can bear with my disabilities, someone who can be by my side and someone who can love me sincerely.

Your Actual Problem #2
Afraid to end up in hell. Feeling underestimated by someone better than me. Feeling lonely every time as if I'm alone in this whole wide world. Feeling like a stupid person. Feeling like an ugly, naughty and bad girl. 

I just want a happy and peaceful life. That's all ;)

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