Sunday, August 28, 2011

Missing You Today ..


Hi there,today when in my way to the church,i saw him.That time they had just finished cleaning the grave.He still same as before.No change but kinda higher a little bit . Hurmmm.. I miss the moment,our memory.I just can't even forget him.Eventhough we dont have any relantionship already.But i stil hope that some day we can talk,laugh go outing together with our friends .. X) .and the most important i can see his smile after a long time i never seen that smile .. I really miss that smile .. TT_TT


Tell my why do things have to change when they were perfect from the start...?
Why do we have to lose everything that we have always been holding onto,
I kept thinking that this loneliness, this sadness, this.. emptiness would be gone if I kept you by my side. But now, I realize that even though something is near you.. they feel.. distant. Was it because I was forcing them to continue staying by my side? Was it because.. because you don't feel the way I wanted you too. Was it because.. was it because I was too selfish to realize what you truly felt? Was it because.. I was always focusing on my feelings, that I didn't even have the time to consider what YOU felt? Or was it because.. you saw right through me..?
i always wonder if i died if anybody would miss me..i feel alone.i wonder since nobody seems to even care about my feelings and they just assume i am fine, would anybody even notice if some day i just disappear??

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