Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why ?

I'm gonna get crazy ! If I stay like this forever until form 3 , I will not be able to pass my exam . That's for sure ! Hey , him! Please get out of my life ! I feel like I wanna transfer to a new school ! Why ? Because I'm crazy ! Crazy because of him . Why must I control myself each time when I look at him ? He's not watching me , so why must I control myself ? I think I'm just a stupid, dumb, crazy nerd . I can't live like this . I can't focus in class . Why must I fall ? Why must I fall in this stupid thing which they called, "love" ?  Argghhh!!!! It's such a headache, heartache and everything-ache ! Never mind, I'll work hard with all of my strengths and feelings, to forget him for eternity. I'll make sure that I'll be free after holiday . Feeling fresh without any doubt anymore . Yay ! Looking forward to forgetting you, him ! I'm not gonna be crazy after you get out of my brain .

Before :

After holidays :

Oh yeah ! xoxo

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