Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Give Me a Clear Sign, Please! =.=

Hello , readers! Since I've kept this secret for a long time, I decided to reveal this secret. Okay, now I'll start with another him . I have some feelings towards him . Not just ordinary feelings, but it's an outstanding one . (Not really, actually :P) My day wouldn't be perfect without looking at him every single day at school. I don't know why , but I think he's starting to get uncomfortable . Well, for two or more times we nearly see each other face to face  and that's because of me . 'Cause I keep staring at him . Who wouldn't feel uncomfortable if somebody's watching you all the time? I tried not to look at him or care about him anymore but I can't ~!!!! This is what you get when you let your heart win ;(( Sometimes, I feel like I want to shout loudly and clearly in front of him saying, "Do you know something? Have you ever notice that I like you? I wish to know what kind of girl that you like! Don't you ever understand? I want to know your feelings! Please tell me ! Give me a clear sign! I'm not forcing you to love me like I loved you but I can't be like this anymore . I wanna let it out ! I want you to know that I liked you since 2010 !" But that's not gonna happen . I'll be DEAD if I spit that out. Yeah, dead because of shame TT_TT . Please, somebody please help get rid of this stupid nonsense feeling. I don't wanna suffer anymore . Besides, I already have a "teddy bear" . And I can't be unfaithful to him . It's not fair . But I dare to admit , that I love him more than my existing "teddy bear" . Sorry , "teddy bear" . . . .  ;(((
Here, take my broken heart .

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