Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sad news happen to me

I miss my friend. I know she had gone and never to return.GODs loved her much. She was buried on 23 june 2011. We came to visit her on Monday, we could again shake her hand. Posted so the way she was. On Tuesday, we plan to visit again, but they tell that she left this world. At that time, we feel empty and not believe that she was gone for ever.We felt very sad . But we know this is the trials and challenges from the GODs. We can only allow him to go with GODs. I felt lost.My heart is crying . Sometimes i call her name by xcidentlly , but luckily no one hear it . I just can't belive that she gone . All of us that know her,felt the same thing . :'( . I know her is when the first time we came to school.Ya,our school had hostel and we sleep there .That time we still did know each other,but after we change information with other,we became friend.We always doing thing together expecially eating at canteen.She is a good girl.Last month,my cuzzy gone also,he died on 14 may 2011 . I still remember the time that we play together,laugh,disturbing our granma,but now,he gone also.I totally miss them.I miss their smile on their face.They gone in a young age.15 years old.But we only can pray for them and for we that still alive on this earth , appreciate our life.Dont end our life by our own like them.It not good.May their soul rest in peace,may GODs always with them.GOD bless . X'( .

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