Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maths crazy? (>.<)

I have to improve my maths :P It's going so down lately. My maths result sucks! >.< It's been a very long time since I got A for the last time T^T i have a friend , named _____ (cant mention her name here :] ) God, she's a maths expert ! She got only 2 mistakes in the mid-year examination! I totally respect you, my friend! Ahaha XD I could say , she's pretty, she's cute, very tall and clever. She has too many fans in my school :)) I never met someone like her. I wanna steal her brain XPP Hahaha !

Okay, change the topic (~.~) I really really wanna improve in maths :'( but how?? i cant focus in class `cause i keep chatting with my friend, Suzie. She rocks! It's fun chit-chatting and laughing with her :DD and when we got into our "world of fantasy", (just kidding) we cant wake up :PP Thats why we cant master the maths subject but luckily, we have a very kind friend who taught us about the "ratios,rates and proportion". i think we were the last one to understand the topic XP see this? well, to me, it's super confusing!

I hope it'll be okay soon :) Gotta prepare for school now ! Bye !

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