Sunday, October 9, 2011

Please, Don't Make Me Do This!

I hate being nagged . I hate being shouted by someone . People just can't understand my feelings! Yes, I always say something bad to people but I sometimes I don't mean it . And some of my words are insulting people, but I never meant to insult them like that . Even my mother don't know how I felt . Whoa, don't get me wrong . I never wanted to be a bad girl! No way! But this is the truth . Nobody understands how I felt . Only God knows :) To put it simple, or, in other words, what I said are mostly not exactly what I was feeling . So people misunderstood it so easily . No, from the start, they NEVER understand! I'm telling the truth . I'm not earning sympathies from all the readers, but hey, it's my diary, right? I just want to share my feelings and my thoughts . So when somebody read this blog, at least I'm happy `cause I managed to tell people and now they knew my feelings and my thoughts . Yeah, I really appreciate those who read this :)

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