Monday, October 3, 2011

Gonna work hard ;D

Hello, people xD ! It's October now and my excel exam is getting nearer. Some teachers say it's on 31st of October but some students say it's on 13th and 20th of October. But it doesn't matter. (It really matters, actually) I just have to work on it and study hard. I have to give my very best shot on this exam. I have to get straight A's in this exam. That is a must. I'm getting weak on Maths subject. So I need to do more and more exercise on this. Besides, I discovered that I need some improvement on essay writing. English and Malay. Aaarrrggghh! Too many things to do! The form 1 subjects must be revised, too! I wonder if I can survive with these kind of stress ;( Hope I can cover all the topics perfectly. God, please give me enough time! Wish me luck, guys! :DD *so that explains my hiatus mode =]

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