Sunday, September 11, 2011

Addicted to something :P

Hi there, readers! It's been some time since I've broken up with him . Now I don't know what to do . Somehow I feel empty . I mean, now my love story has ended . Did it really ended? Am I supposed to chase after him or try to not falling in love again? If I'm in love with someone, is it a sin? So, that's the point . I am still trapped in this situation. Will I be happy if I love him but he doesn't love me? I have no idea. Anyway , as I were saying in my post title, I'm addicted to something . It's The Glee Project . I have just watched the videos at YouTube and found it really interesting . They were so awesome and amazing! I like the one named Damian McGinty . His voice is so beautiful and he's a cute guy . Well, maybe just a "like" , not a crush . Ahaha :DD I'm amazed by his voice . This is one of the videos that I like the most . Take a look :)

And this one is nice , too =]

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