Saturday, August 7, 2010

anything about today

hye there..i feel so uncomfortable today.. coz.. i've started thinking about him.. i don't want this feeling actually.. I hate being like this.. it makes me crazy.. why he chose me??why he didn't choose other people??i just want freedom.. i'm not a good person to be loved.. i'm not the correct person.. but who am i to obstruct his feeling at me.. i'm not GOD.. it's hard for me to love him.. like the song escape the fate,harder than you know..[Not loving you is harder than you know].. i hope when he schools at the new school[kubong high school]he will get a good person to be loved.. i'm so wicked right??But i think this is the right choice for our own good.. ok.. tata.. hope GOD always beside me and bless me about what i'm doing.. love you always yah.. i feel so sinful to him.. right..

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