Saturday, December 11, 2010

New hope,new day,new life

Hi ya guys! :) I've confessed my sins last night and now I'm totally relieved. Not 'too' relieved,though~ Hahaa XD I'm just happy that my sins are now gone! After all those days of causing terrible sins,now I'm free from all of that. Yays!!~But we humans,we can never avoid ourselves from commiting sins. So,I try to be a good Christian and always worship God. I will always pray to Him and talk to Him by praying. :) I hate all of my before sins. I don't want any of them appear in my life again! I've humiliated myself! I feel shame of myself! And those horrible sins were caused by myself,too! Oh God,I shed tears last night and I made a new promise,that I will try my best to not let those sins entering my gate. I want God to give me punishment each time I commit sins. XD ~Eventhough I am weak,at least I can get up and I really regretted of all the things I've done. I never want them to come back. Stay out of my life! Now I just want to live a new and happy life in God's kingdom. *smiles* But I'm still lazy,though~no matter how hard I try (I guessed,not so hard :P) I can't overcome this problem. But I hope God can help me. Toodles! I didn't even bathe yet,gross huh? That's what I said, ~~~LaZY~~~ Hahaa XDD

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