Sunday, July 4, 2010

Argentina vs Germany ! ! ! ~~~

NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO !!!! Argentina can't lose !!! Damn on you,Germany !!!....I gave my life for Argentina...I sacrificed my time for bed just to see the match...Why couldn't they win ????...Now Germany will definitely gonna be my ENEMY for sure !! I HATE you,Germany !!! Can't you see ?? It's such a pity to see Messi's disappointed face...I hope Germany will lose on a match with Spain.. Spain is tough,you know.!! I'm gonna seek for revenge...Germany will lose...!! But my cousin supports Germany..So I had to close my mouth and try not to talk bad things about Germany..I still have a heart,though..But I will never,ever agree that Argentina lost....And of course,there are so many people going mad..But my father just relax..He just said,"What are we to do???We're not in the game...They deserved it..They didin't played well.."...Hurh.,I absolutely disagreed that they didn't played well..How come they do like that???...No,they're the best football team I ever supported !!! Go for Argentina .!..Even though they didn't won,I'll still cheer for them..Maybe they'll have their luck next time..So,goodbye my fellow friends..

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