Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tired with life comedy

Hello! nothing much to say. 3 more days left before going back to basic. Doing what i should do and next semester is the last semester for me. Yayyy. This 3rd week of holiday which is i choose to spend with His family, regarding on that, I feel so excited having those opportunity to have fun with them. Knowing someone family is quite good where you can know their living life and of course its different with our family, every family got their own weirdness. Today,i feel a bit sad because idk, might be i being too sensitive cause the previous week before i came here, i ask him to spend time with me but tonight, he going out to meet his friend. Like what! Hello! You always meet your friend on weekend later but you won't meet me daily like before for you will doing your industrial training here. It was a simple task that i asked you to do but you can't even make it. Disappointed ? Yahh probably. :( . I just don't fucking like it when someone do like that me. I know it no wrong for meeting them but i'm still here in your house. Spend time with your family, so why on earth do you fucking do that ? why must you go out tonight ? i don't know why i feel this way, maybe some of you say it just a small pieces but you won't know the feeling. I might be different from others on how i feel, how i act or whatever behaviour i had. Just don't took my kindness for granted. It look like I'm the one who really want this while you "keluar" for fun outside without thinking about me like i'm not exist tonight. You do that because you never experience on how i feel to spend with someone family and for you, its totally okay because you think that there was no wrong at all. It's true that no relationship that does not have problems, but the point is, if you can consider on how i feel, this thing will not happen, i know i don't have someone else that can hear me now, all i know is God. He know what i feel, i need someone who can console me or lend me their shoulder but rn ? no one ! This is not for a show off or telling the whole world about you private life. It just about my feeling that i cannot keep it by myself already :( like please, apreaciate the time as long that we still have chance to do it . I just can't hide this sadness inside my feeling. i need to cry, It might dumb for you but i don't care, you messed with my feeling, you don't even bother. It is not important for you. :'(

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