Saturday, May 25, 2013


Idk how start this. To be honest, i almost cry after reading my twin's previous post. OMG YOU REALLY ARE MY TWIN YOU CAN READ MY MIND! I'm just too obsessed lately and i really can't think of anything else other than BIGBANG. Sometimes i wonder if there are any other fangirls out there who are slightly worse than me? I really want to change because honestly i'm tired of this fandom. If you have ever been in a fandom, you'll understand this. FANWARS, SHIPWARS AND EVERYTHING. It's not that i hate this fandom but i'm just tired of all those wars, though i didn't participate it. But if you are already a part of the fandom, you'll get hurt even though you're not the one being bashed. Sometimes i just feel like reversing time and be a normal girl which is before i knew BIGBANG. But it's too hard. TOO HARD. BUT I REALLLLY WANT TO BE A NORMAL GIRL WHO CAN CONTROL HERSELF AND WORSHIP GOD INSTEAD OF WORSHIPPING HER IDOL. Yes, if you know me like she did, you'll realize that i am actually worshipping BIGBANG. LOL I EVEN TYPED THEIR NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS.


I saw this in twitter just now and I AM SO FRUSTRATED! CAN YOU SEE HOW MUCH I CARE ABOUT THESE GUYS?! BEFORE I KNEW THEM, I DON'T EVEN GIVE A SHIT ABOUT A CELEBRITY'S HEALTH. BUT NOW. I AM SO WORRIED! QUESTIONS POPPED OUT OF MY MIND LIKE "WHERE IS HE?" "WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?" "IS HE OKAY?" "IS THIS ABOUT HIS HEALTH?" "IS HE TOO TIRED TO PERFORM?" "IS HE SICK OR SOMETHING?" If i was normal, i wouldn't care about someone who doesn't even know that exist! Being this crazy is just CRAZY! So i just hope i can change for my own good. No, not just hope. I will change. I mean, i won't stop loving BIGBANG. But hey, THEY AREN'T GOD. So i'm gonna start balancing myself between fangirling and serving God. Please pray for me twinnie TT______TT

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