Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Start :')

Hello ! Its's already two weeks since i enter here. And i still in my blur mood. Once i came i set up my mind "okay,here it is. New life new purpose. Everything new" but so far seems fine. Starting with the first day of college that seem to be 'krik krik '. Of course right, we still don't know our classmates name but on the second day I got acquainted with my classmates(DPM1A) . Just because my Whatsapp name Dragonarry then my nickname is DRAGON~ and everytime they call me with that name i will laugh. They are good,funny and friendly but that does not happen with my new classmates on DGU. That exactly a huge different. They seem doing their own thing and in my class does exist this type of human nature that loves tribal factions. Whatever~ That does not effect my life also as long that I am doing the right thing. Right? I am still alive . It's like "KAU2 AKU2". I can't wait for next week. Holidayyyyyy !! Every people on earth love that i guess. Going back celebrate Christmas. Yay! :D Hoping it will be memorable for this 2014 Christmas celebration because we will travel to Kota Kinabalu,Sabah. Twinnie, wait for me. I'm coming to you. HAHA. Craziness overload. My life in this college is so fucking bored. I don't have any idea on how i will cheer up my life. ==' but mostly of my friend from KV also here. Whoaa ~ so bored . but no matter which college or university you will enter soon , it just the same eventhough a bit different. If you got a desire in study and work hard to archive your goal you will success. I believe that. Every people got their own destiny on how their life is. That just depends on how they make it happen. What is important now, my final exam on April. I must get an excellent result for that. Work hard! Must perfectly score the assessment for the final exam marks also. Adios people !