Friday, July 29, 2016

Nonsense Post XD!

Hi! I'm back again with the new post. So, where should i start ? Oh ya, nowadays i been in love with the new kdrama DOCTOR ~ almost everyday i stayed up for the movie. :) Currently following the updates and went to the class with panda eyes + sleepy . Look like i'm the one who search for the problem tho. Let me tell you, when i don't get enough sleep at  night, i will be mad because yahh it hard to wake up in the morning when your body still want to sleep. For this weeks our class a bit free due to the Survey Campy and there will be no more holiday for next week. Pressure , stress and all the thing that doesn't make sense . HAHA . I just saying what i want to write.

The two main actor that mostly make the viewer feel thrilling! XD

Image result for korean doctor drama

The Siberian Husky !

* Hey Cuzie, you need too see this drama. XD. I bet you will like it tho. Really , so pleasee look for it . Much love lesson and love love love Lol

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