Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Whoa , it's been a year now since we left this blog. Due to our busywork in college and yah there's no time to update any news in it. Tbh, i don't have any ideas to write but the weird thing is, i still want to update something inside here even though it is just a simple greeting.I don't know whether anyone would read about this blog again but who cares. So, let me start with this one. This year will be my second last semester in this college. During the year, many unexpected thing happen or i can say it is quite challenging life to fit in. I even feel like giving up in my studies,relationship and other thing. Sometime i miss being a kid again without having any problem like today, the day that we just know how to play with the other kid. Sometime when you feel tired with that one thing and you can't do anything about it, you will just sit and tears started falling apart. That time, you will started to ask God "why this thing always happen to me", "Why aren't they understand?","Why they do that to me?" Always asking why and why all over again. You know God will not answer you that time but he will show you when the time comes. Life is not fair when you feel that you are not the luckiest like other people but knowing that every single creation that God made are unique, you need to accept no matter what it takes. There is a reason on every thing that happen in daily life. You know it is not easy to face it but you don't have any other option other than keep your soul together CIA wtf am i talking about tho :D . But in God hand all thing is possible for he is the king and the most high of all. Nah, no ideas already, need to sleep . got classes tomorrow on 8am . Till we meet again fellow!

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