Friday, October 29, 2010

Exam around the corner !!! XO

Can you believe it ?? My finals is just 3 days to go and I'm still here ?? Oh no,this shouldn't happened..But I can't abandon my diary,of course !!! I will keep posting on this blog but right now,I must study and study and study.. =00 I realized that I wasted my time with the net business but I can't help it!!! Besides,it's not only me that didn't study a lot for the exam but also my friends...But still,at their home,who knows what they're doing?? You agree with me??? Hi-5 for agreeing and low-5 for not agreeing..

History,Geography,Science and Maths...Oh no!!! XOXO I can't do all of these by 3 days!!!But I must be strong..I can't stay in this cave... ~THE CAVE OF LAZINESSSSSSSS~ no,no,no...I must grow up!!I must go on! Yeah !!! So,maybe I have to leave this blog for a count of 1 week or more...I can't check up on my facebook,twitter and friendster too...I must focus on my goal..I don't want to move into other class next year !! I hope God can help me on getting through this...As I'm lookin' around my cousin's blog,she wrote about exams too so she gave me an idea!! (Sorry for copying your idea D'=)

Okay,it's about time...I gotta carry on my studies...And before I forgot,I have some nonsense quote : 'Lion' is bad...Stay away from 'it'...
For those who knows the true identity of 'lion',just set in mind,do understand...^^ Hihi :DDD Farewell,guys !

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