Sunday, October 17, 2010

My simple leisure time :D

Hey,I'm done with the tears ! :DDD Time for a happy new page...Sitting here at the corner of the living room with my family...(except my monster brother..He's attending a programme at the chapel..Yeah,you better go,monster ! XD)..Haha !! cruel,am I ?? I don't know what to do and I'm super lazy to do my homework...My dad made some corns mixed with margarine (exactly what I like !! Yumm Yumm !!! :DD)..Even though this meal is not so perfect but it makes me happy...Because :

A. No monster xDD
B. My mum did the laundry for me..
C. My dad has a good mood..
D. It's a long time since my tummy didn't consume some corns..
E. I have the chance to go online-ing and waste my time..

It's not a surprise or something that makes me happy but..I'm just happy..Can't you see ?? Oh yeah,I bet you don't know what I feel..I just wanna share my thoughts otherwise I'll go crazy !!
This is what I meant about simple...If you give me simple things,that's enough for making me happy...My happiness is not about having money,but having the tiny moments that I will never forget..And these tiny moments are treasures of my life..And I really appreciate those moments..
I'll never forget until I'm getting old and have wrinkles...Yeah,talk about old...I don't know how old my grandparents are...This thing just popped out of my head...Did you see the headlines ?? An old man lived for 100 years and he's still alive until now !! I hoped my grandparents and my parents will live that long...Oh,I loved them so much that I keep sleeping underneath my mum's arm...So embarrassing...But I don't care...AS long I loved my mum,as long as I didn't change my mind yet,I'll never miss my nap just beside my beloved mother....Hey,hey..that's out of the topic,right ? Blog,blog,blog...Type,type,type...Tik-tok,tik-tok...I didn't realize that I'm talking about other things ! Well,I better go...See ya ! =DDD

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