Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm Bored

Hello there, readers ✨ idk if anyone ever read this blog but i just thought it would be kinda weird if i don't put a greeting there. so hi this is christine again. it's been a while since i last posted something and i rarely post about my days here anymore but tonight (actually it's 12:33am so it's supposed to be morning and yes i sleep very late😳) i just feel like i need to let my feelings out bc i've been feeling kind of empty these days.. i've always been obsessed with bigbang (my fav korean boyband) and anime and manga but i'm kinda spaced out lately and i don't have any mood for any of these. idk if i got bored or lost interest but i'm pretty bothered by this. it bothers me so much when i don't know what to do and idk what can make me happy or lighten up my mood it's driving me crazy. if i could i would just sleep for 30 years but i think i've had enough of my bed since 4 months ago when i left high school. of course i enjoy the vacation i enjoy waking up late and doing nothing but i can't deny that it's boring and it doesn't make me feel alive. i just don't know what can make me feel alive anymore and i hope i can find something new to be interested in 🙏 actually i do have a new interest! i've been so in love with Zoe Sugg or also known as 🍀ZOELLA🍀 she's a blogger and a youtuber and her videos are really inspiring they cheer me up 👍 she's also one of the reasons why i returned to this blog to write something🍃 so basically my point is idk what to fill up my days with and i just want this to be let out. but i'm sure i'll find something that i enjoy soon. whether my anime mood is gonna come back to me or maybe i can fangirl over something new. so that's all for today🍁 byeeee!👋

//i miss my twinnie nateli so much💕//

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