Sunday, November 7, 2010

haTe Friend liKe ManDAU.. :-)

1 million memories...1 hundred thousand inside jokes...10 thousand great times...1 hundred secrets...1 reason...Best Friends.

"For so long my heart ached for friends...true friends...who I could laugh with and cry with, and who, through thick & thin, would always stick by me. And I have learned through experiences that these types of friends are hard to come by. And when you find them you have to hold on and never let go because you will never again find friends as true as them."

Fuhhh.. hye there.. see the word up there? Did you ever think like that?Did you find the best friend?Hohohoho..

"Dengarlah hai umat sekalian,aku berfirman kepada kamu.Carilah kawan yang berhati mulia dan baik.Bukannya baik di luar sahaja tapi di dalam juga.Pastikan hatinya mulia dan bukannya BUSUK seperti BANGKAi!!!"hahaha..

huhhu,Bangkatan if we meet friend like that and i really2 hate if i find friend like that especially friend that eat friend[not cannibal la,i also afraid if i have friend like that one. YUCKKS.Hehehe].. something like that one la.. Okey .. Papaii.. XOXO.. JUst Kiding.

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