Monday, November 15, 2010

So,can you see it?

Thank goodness..The rain had gone away !! I'm surrounded by invisible figures with a boring expression now..It's entering my mind..It's making me feel bored with all things around me..Hurh...I'm watching a movie called "Resident Evil : Afterlife" now..It's interesting!! Killing people with all the blood around...Ohhh..I love it but I hate it..Can you see it?? Get it?? I love to see it in the movies but I hate seeing it in my real world..Because. . . . . . . . . .Seeing blood for a few secs can make me faint of frights!! Hehehe.. I'm an average girl with kinda weird path of life and feelings..I'm me..You're you..But why can't I be like you?!!! Or anybody else??!!! Why?? Am I the only one in the world with an "alien-liked" type?? I wanna go out of this body n mind..I wanna know what are the other people are thinking..So,can you see what I mean?? I bet you don't,cause nobody can understand my feelings [more like my piece of mind]..Guess I'll just have to move on with this alien brain and feelings..

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