Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Day

Yo,Yo,Yo buddies~!! :D Guess what? All of my friends are happy this holiday!! Me? Huhuhu. I'm staying at home. What can I do? Okay,here's a list of what I gotta do these days. Check it out.

Waking up at 6 or 7 : Sweep the floor!!! D:
After that : Tidy things up
Then : Laundries
Later: Dry the clothes
And : Cook some rice
After lunch : Wash the dishes. OH NO!!!!!!!
Then : Fold the clothes
HERE'S MY FREE TIME.........oNLinE !!!!! :DDD And watch TV!!
After that : Cook for dinner
After dinner : Dishes again. OH P-LEASE! [just kidding] Not the dishes!
And.... Finally go to bed...

I hate this routine. Hate it,hate it,hate it!!! I always say that when I hate something,huh? Hehehe.
Well,that's me. So,the time of my life is not really "The time of my life" . Someday,I'll be happy when I'm getting older and older,have my own place,for me to relax. I wish I could be like my friends. Yeah,they've got chores to do too,but.. Maybe,not as bad as I am. Maybe you'll see like what I stated here is just simple,but maybe you can't feel what I feel. But someday,I knew the day would come. For sure. When I'm outta this world,leaving everything behind. That time,I can rest for the rest of my life.

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