Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm sick of it !!! ~X(

That's it ! I've had enough! I'm sick of the chores! I'm tired doing all those laundries ! I'm bored of the dishes !!! And mostly,I hate being the slave of my brother !!! See,mom asked him to wash his dirty,smelly,stupid lousy shoes. But it turned out to be ME cleaning that stupid stuff ! That bastard ! Always getting into my way !! Just as I thought that he was starting to be nice,he returned to his sickin' behaviour! Oh,great. Now it's raining. And I'm all alone in the house!! But that's better than have to see my brother's face. He sucks! Just wait,I'll tell mom that your shoes were cleaned by me! Hate you,hate you,hate you !!!!! My siblings never understand what I felt. They always ignore me. Same with my parents! They used to ignore me and they didn't care 'bout me. All they look for just my little sis and my brother. Me? No,they only want me to stay alive so that I will be their slave forever!!! Arghh !! I wish I could get out of this place! I want my world! MY freedom ! My only rules! My destiny ! My time !!!! But that doesn't mean I'm turning to be a big fat villain,though. I just want freedom and I'm sick of all the works! I don't want to be ignored all the time! God,just hear me. Please understand me.. :(

Just let me do whatever I want,whenever I want,okay? :)
♥ ♥ ♥

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